About Us


AquaTemp specializes in radiant heating system solutions for homes, businesses and commercial buildings. Radiant heating systems include boilers, under and in-floor heating, wall heating, ceiling panels, overhead heaters, and trace heating for rain gutters or roofs.

The experts at AquaTemp Radiant Heating Solutions bring many years of high-level training and experience to work for you. AquaTemp can solve your immediate heating or plumbing needs and provide you with trusted advice through our consulting services.

Customers can access our years of experience and training to assist them with the following:

-Repair replacement of all brands of boilers, furnaces, water heaters, air conditioners and rooftop units

-Inspection or evaluation of an existing system

-Appraisals & insurance claims

-Renovation decisions

-Perform audits to ensure quality of workmanship and thoroughness of service as outlined in present maintenance contract