Make Up Air Units

Here at AquaTemp we service and sell many different kinds of make up air systems. From the small residential system to the large commercial system. Some brands that we service, sell and maintain are:

Engineered Air














What is Makeup Air?

Makeup air is outside air which is brought into the building to replace air that is exhausted from the building through ventilation or combustion processes.

Why is Makeup Air Needed?

Makeup Air is needed more residentially because of the increase in demands from homeowners. Many kitchen exhaust hoods exhaust enough air to bring the home into a negative pressure. This negative pressure causes problems for fireplaces, furnaces and water heaters and can can draw in fumes from attached garages. To prevent all this from happening a MUA (makeup air) unit is installed.

Commercially most exhaust systems are installed for employee safety and comfort or for product process requirements.

Any air we exhaust needs to be replaced.


What to Look For?

Buildings which have a deficiency in makeup air (or excess exhaust) and are operating with a negative pressure condition have several common characteristics. These include:

1.The building is uncomfortable and has noticeable inconsistency in temperature. The perimeter of the building may be cold and drafty due to high infiltration at the same time that other central areas may be overheated.

2. Exterior doors which slam shut or are difficult to open are a result of  negative pressure.

3.Cold drafts can be felt rushing into the building around cracks and openings.

4.Exhaust systems do not perform at the rated design capacity. Inadequate or ineffective exhaust may result in a hazy atmosphere.

5.Gravity vents from heating equipment or process may back-vent into the conditioned space, drawing potentially hazardous products of combustion (Flue Gases) into the building. Some of these hazardous fumes may contain carbon monoxide.

Here at AquaTemp we can help asses what is needed if you feel that your home or commercial building requires a makeup air system.

Give us a call and we can help determine the best course of action.