Training & Consulting


Our consulting service is what really sets us apart!

When you require a neutral third part to inspect, evaluate, appraise an area of concern, or provide a second opinion, we offer the only such service in the province.

Our past work has included:

– Mechanical inspection/evaluation (Current condition, projected life of equipment)

-Real Estate appraisalsicon_43498.png()(53088804004D64BC3638B085FC788188)


-Re-financing decisions

-Insurance claims/appraisals

-Renovation decisions

-Second opinion

-Audit work by maintenance providers


Industry Training

The owner and operator of AquaTemp, Tim Wall, is a leading industry expert who offers:

-In-house training and refreshers for Mechanical Contractors Association of Saskatchewan members

-Course development and delivery for industry

-New training available as industry standards evolve


Clients we serve:

-Real Estate agents

-Building maintenance supervisors

-School Divisions


-Home owners