Water Heaters

Hot Water Tank Repair, Replacement, and Servicing

We’ve all been there; you get into the shower after a long day of work to only find that there is very little hot water or none at all. You head to the basement to investigate and all you see is a big cylinder that appears to be doing nothing or you find a big puddle laying around it. Whatever situation you find yourself in whether it is a repair or a replacement we can take care of it for you.

If you need emergency repair services we have 24/7 emergency call service: (306) 370-8678



Here is why AquaTemp is the smart choice for all of your water heater repairs and installations:

rinnai-tankless-water-heaters-275x200We can repair or replace any kind of water heater. From traditional hot water tanks to the latest state of the art tankless water heaters, we install and repair them all.

You can trust an AquaTemp technician in your home. You will get friendly, professional service from a properly trained technician. All of our technicians are thoroughly vetted before we hire them, and we make sure that your home is left as clean as they found it.

No “surprises” pricing –  we deliver in advance. You will get the full price up front, and no hidden fees – parts and labour included.

Hot Water Tank Installation

If your water heater is old and/or inefficient and you don’t want to wait until you have your own personal swimming pool in your basement we can assess the options available to help you with that decision. We install many different kinds of water heaters because homeowners have different needs and priorities. We can explain the differences and the advantages of each kind for your situation.

Some of the most common types of water heaters available are:

-Tankless (on demand) high efficiency heaters. These are 1024px-Rheem_logo.svgmounted on the wall and provide water to the household as needed.

-Power vented high efficiency hot water tanks. These look the same as the conventional atmospheric, but vent the combustion gasses through a plastic pipe through the wall or the roof depending on the application.

Find out which option is right for you. Contact us at AquaTemp – we can help!

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