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Modern thermostat on the wall.

How to Set Your Programmable Thermostat

June 10, 2019

With all the options available for setting your programmable thermostat, it’s easy to get confused. Of course, this defeats the purpose of a programmable thermostat—it’s designed to for you to “set it and forget it,” making your life easier. It’s worth taking the minute or two it takes to read this to clear up anything that may be confusing you about the process.

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Girl standing in a field in Saskatoon, SK, on a windy day.

Should I Buy an Air Purifier or an Air Cleaner?

May 31, 2019

A common question we hear from our customers is, “Are air cleaners and air purifiers the same thing?” The answer is simple—no.

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A female industrial service engineer has just conducted a safety check of a control panel in a boiler room. She is wearing hi vis, hard hat, safety glasses and holding a digital tablet that she used to conduct a safety inspection. The engineer is stated next to the control panel looking to camera and smiling.

Has Your Expansion Tank Failed?

May 6, 2019

There are two simple checks you can perform to verify if your thermal expansion tank is doing its job:

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A flower bed with pink and purple tulips in the rays of sunlight against the backdrop of a beautiful white house with a sloping roof. Gardening (A flower bed with pink and purple tulips in the rays of sunlight against the backdrop of a beautiful white

Spring Is the Best Time for Your Air Conditioner Maintenance

April 30, 2019

An air conditioner, just like a car, needs regular maintenance and service to run efficiently. At AquaTemp, we recommend getting your air conditioning unit serviced and cleaned at least once a year. The optimum time is in the spring to ensure your unit will run with the most efficiency during the hottest summer months. You…

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Young African Male Plumber Holding Clipboard Looking At Electric Boiler.

Why You Need Professional Boiler Maintenance

April 10, 2019

Contact us at AquaTemp here in Hepburn, Saskatchewan, to schedule your maintenance appointment.

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Plumber trying to fix a kitchen sink located in a big house in Warman, SK.

Common Plumbing Mistakes to Avoid

March 25, 2019

In Saskatchewan, the plumbers at AquaTemp get called out to peoples houses for all kinds of different reasons. Sometimes it is a big and serious situation, other times it is something smaller and more common. Here are 5 of the most common plumbing mistakes that we see: 1. Using the wrong tool to unclog your…

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3D image of a house heated with a geothermal HVAC system.

Using the Earth to Heat Your Home—Geothermal HVAC

March 15, 2019

The geothermal HVAC has a three-component system. It uses a ground heat exchanger, heat pump, and ventilation to heat and cool your home.

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Cute red cat in a cardboard box on a background of wooden planks close up.

Custom Repairs For You!

March 11, 2019

At AquaTemp, we believe that plumbing and heating repairs are not one-size-fits-all! That is why we offer 5 options on every repair we diagnose. This gives our clients the opportunity to choose the option that best fits their budget and needs. Our Basic repair option is perfect for budget conscious clients and will get your…

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Senior woman reads a novel next to a fireplace in her home.

Gas Fireplaces—Staying Safe

February 28, 2019

Having a technician look at your fireplace once a year ensures your safety and keeps your fireplace running efficiently.

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Small girl wearing a tutu rests her head in a skirted woman's lap.

Furnace Flue Tips

February 7, 2019

The furnace flue keeps you and anyone else in your home safe by venting harmful gases. What else does a flue do?

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