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Why You Need Professional Boiler Maintenance

Many people believe boiler maintenance is an optional service, whether it be a residential or commercial boiler. We at AquaTemp disagree. Yes, technically, maintenance is a service you may choose to forego. However, if you want your boiler running at full capacity, saving you money for years, with minimal issues, then regular professional boiler maintenance is not optional. 

In fact, many manufacturers directly state in their warranties that proper professional maintenance is required. If you experience a situation where you need to make a warranty claim, the manufacturer may request proof of maintenance. Ignoring your boiler’s maintenance, in many cases, will outright void your warranty.

Benefits of Annual Boiler Maintenance

Regular annual boiler maintenance is an investment in your heating system. No matter what type of boiler or fuel source you have, professional maintenance is imperative to boiler safety and health. 

During your maintenance appointment with us, we will provide you with options—from a full comprehensive cleaning and servicing (exceeding the manufacturer’s suggested maintenance) to the basic minimum safety inspection. You can decide the best level of service for you that fits your budget. Just know whichever option you choose, one of our properly trained and certified boiler experts is here to serve you.

Choosing to schedule regular professional maintenance for your boiler pays off in many ways for you. When AquaTemp service techs get into the nuts and bolts of your boiler system for both an inspection and cleaning, our efforts create positive effects. By keeping your system in top condition, you can expect your boiler to:

  • Perform at its highest efficiency, keeping your heating at a consistent level and energy bills low
  • Continue to function safely, mitigating any safety risks from sudden changes in pressure or temperature
  • Have a longer life span, avoiding sudden breakdowns or unusual wearing of major parts
  • Operate efficiently, with a minimum of major and costly repairs, saving you money and prohibiting smaller problems from evolving into bigger problems

For residential boilers, according to the Air-Conditioner, Heating, & Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) as much as half of your Saskatchewan, home’s energy goes toward heating and cooling. Scheduling regular boiler maintenance goes a long way in conserving this energy, whether your boiler is residential or commercial.

What to Expect During Your Maintenance Appointment

During your boiler maintenance appointment, our boiler service techs conduct a thorough inspection and cleaning to check all parts of your system are working efficiently and effectively. If we discover an issue requiring a more in-depth remedy, like a system flushing due to poor fluid condition, we will alert you and discuss whether additional visits are required.

Here are some of the items our AquaTemp service techs perform from our more comprehensive checklist for your boiler maintenance (if you choose a safety inspection, be aware some of these checklist items are not included in your maintenance—a safety inspection does not meet minimum manufacturers’ requirements): 

  • Check thermostat settings
  • Check system controls
  • Check and tighten electrical connections
  • Check and inspect condensate drain
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Drain expansion tank, if applicable
  • Check diaphragm expansion tank and system pressure
  • Check safety valves
  • Inspect all drain lines in high-efficiency units
  • Inspect flue and draft
  • Inspect and clean flame proving sensor
  • Clean pilot assembly and orifice, if applicable
  • Inspect visible piping
  • Perform carbon monoxide test
  • Perform combustion analysis
  • Check gas lines for leaks
  • Verify proper operation of draft

We recommend following your manufacturer’s specific maintenance schedule. Each brand has a few specific items that should be checked to maintain your warranty and to keep your system operating at peak performance.

Signs Your Boiler Is Overdue For Maintenance

It’s an obvious indication your boiler needs a repair when it stops working or makes a loud, strange noise. But sometimes the symptoms for needed maintenance are more of a subtle nature, though they still exist. 

If you notice your boiler exhibiting any of these tell-tale signs, especially if you have not had your boiler serviced in the past 12 months, call us to schedule a visit immediately. Ignoring or putting off maintenance will typically result in larger and more costly repairs. If ignored for too long you may even have to consider replacing your boiler:

  • Corrosion and/or soot stains on or around your boiler
  • Water leaks from your boiler or any of its piping
  • Unusual smells, especially if they are sulfur-like or metallic in nature, as these indicate a gas or fuel leak
  • Abnormal noises emanating from your boiler, no matter how slight or inconspicuous they may be (whistling, rattling, etc)
  • Higher-than-usual energy bills
  • Slow heat rise, taking longer and longer to heat
  • Yellow flame rather than blue flame, could indicate carbon monoxide

Additional Services Your Boiler May Need

Upon our inspection and cleaning of your boiler, we may discover its fluid is in inferior condition. The fluid in your system is very important, similar to the blood in your veins. If the fluid is not healthy, your boiler system is not healthy. This can lead to problems with the circulator, which affects the controls—just like your heart problems affect other areas of your body. 

Although in most cases your boiler’s fluid remains contained in your system, it can still contain contaminants from improper cleaning after the installation process. Sometimes fluid can become corrosive because the proper corrosion inhibitors have not been added. These situations can lead to failure of your system, improper heat transfer, reduced flow rates, and/or corrosion of piping and components.

Sludge can also build up over time in your boiler’s fluid, negatively affecting your system by preventing parts from operating normally and smoothly. If your fluid is black, that may involve a host of other issues as well.

Checking your system’s fluid visually and for odors can paint a partial picture for your certified technician of the health of your system. To bring that picture into finer focus, samples of the fluid are taken to a certified water analyst to provide a comprehensive fluid analysis. From this sample we can provide you with a treatment program that will extend the life of your system fluid.

The technician may also speak with you about a professional flushing or other appropriate treatments to rectify whatever situation your boiler is experiencing. After your boiler’s fluid has been returned to its original viscosity, you will once again experience the advantages of boiler maintenance.

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