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Concerned About High Levels of Lead In Your Water?

Concerned about lead in the drinking water after recent news reports?

We have a safe solution more economical than purchasing flats of plastic water bottles and hauling heavy jugs. With a professionally installed AquaTemp Reverse Osmosis system installed, you will have this bottled-quality water delivered directly to your kitchen sink and fridge dispenser 24/7.

Lead Quick Facts:

Natural waters seldom contain more than 0.005 mg/L of lead (pB); however old plumbing water distribution systems were often made from and with the stuff. This means lead is often present in tap water as a result of dissolution from these piping materials, types of solder used to join copper pipes with fittings, and old service connections connected to homes. Lead used to be so common in water distribution that the word plumber comes from the Latin word plumbarius, which means “of or pertaining to lead”!

Lead has long been recognized as a general metabolic poison that causes a variety of human disorders, with children being the most susceptible to the effects of lead poisoning. The maximum generally acceptable concentration of lead in the drinking water is 10 ppb (0.01 mg/L).

Saskatoon’s average for six-hour standing tests in homes with lead lines averaged 31 ppb (0.031mg/L) against the 21.6 ppb (0.0216 mg/L) of Flint, Michigan. Ninety-four percent of Saskatoon samples exceeded the national guideline versus 66 percent in Flint.

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