Water Heater Repair in Warman, SK, S0K 0N0

“I’m definitely not the person who usually posts about a company, ha good or bad. I believe that unfortunately the good ol days of “Customer Service” and respect the customer are looong gone, died somewhere in the 80’s I think… I always said if I come across the old school customer service mentality that blows my mind. That we all see an love on the movies from the 30’s and 40’s, I would definitely do a post. Well I’m 43 and believe this is my first post\reviews on a company. Gotta give credit where credit is do.

I’ve been having Geothermal problems for years and had a few different techs\companies come have a “kick at the cat” if you will. Last company saying that I would need a new furnace if the issue continues, which it did. I called AquaTemp and talked to Robin. With in 2 minutes of talking to Robin I was shocked with the understanding and knowledge level, not to mentioned the courteous customer service they appeared to offer. Thinking we needed a new furnace I told them we were looking at replacing our current furnace and would like a quote….. Well right off the hop Robin explained that they don’t a simple swap\replacement. They want to take the time and look and understand our whole system setup to ensure the flow rates and everything were within spec and operating normal, which they would come out on their time to have a look. This alone already miles apart from the other companies that just wanted the model number of the furnace and do a drop and swap.
Robin and… oh I can’t remember the other gents name, sorry bud just going to have to refer to you as “the bald guy” were very knowledgeable and they took the time to sit have a conversation go over any and all questions with all the different options. It was super Awesome! So at the end of the day the cost was going to be over $25 000 to do the replacement. Well it never rains but it poors, with us just having to redo our roof and other repairs for $15 000, another $25 000 was a tough kick to take and hard to manage… “Saying that they said”, instead of pushing to get the furnace (as we already thought we had no choice but to). “Maybe your current furnace can be fixed, and it’s not as bad as you think”. So we arrange for a service tech to come have a look…
The service tech Kaelan shows up. Once again, extremely pleasant and easy to talk to, and was very knowledgeable about the system. Which you would think a person would not have to mention, but trust me with geothermal companies. There are SO many who are learning and fumbling through it as they go, on your dime. Kaelan genuinely seemed to care about the well being of the whole system and wanted to take the time to talk to me to make sure he fully understood the whole picture and all the issues, not just the big obvious one standing out and do a quick fix and run….. Within an hour Kaelan was upstairs saying that he went through the furnace and found what he believes to be the issue. Last company took 9 hours just to tell me the system was low on Freon, ya that was a tough bill to swallow….. Instead of giving me some “bad news” and telling me a high price to fix the furnace or saying ya the furnace is shot, you need to buy a new one… He said these are you options to fix the issue, which ranged from $600 to $1300n . Turns out it was a seal that was leaking. After the fix was done, he was more than happy take the time and field any other questions I had on the system and provide tips…..
It’s been a tough year on expenses and all around, and in a world where people Just worry about their bottom line and take what they can when they can no matter the cost to other people. This meant a lot to us, and definitely makes a big difference on the out come of the rest or our year.
Thanks everyone on the Aquatemp team, for showing that although rare as the Sasquatch. Good ol fashion caring costumer service and pride in your job is still alive….

Klint C”

– Klint C.