Why Should I Invest In Whole-Home Surge Protection?

by Nelson Peters

surge protection

Have you considered whole-home surge protection?  It has been common knowledge for several years now that you should use a surge protection device on your home computer, but what about protecting the other expensive equipment and appliances in your home?  Maybe whole home surge protection is something you should consider.

The Problem

As technology advances, more and more items in our homes contain sensitive electronic circuit boards and components.  Not only do you simply need to protect your computer and television, but today appliances such as your fridge and stove as well as essential HVAC equipment like your furnace or boiler all have electronic parts that can fail after overvoltage events (commonly known as power surges).  When you consider the replacement cost of all the devices in your home connected to the electrical system, a quality surge protection device may be an obvious option to explore. The biggest problem facing most commonly sold surge protection devices is that they can usually only withstand one over-voltage event, making them essentially a disposable solution. 

The Solution

Whole-home surge protection, such as CleanVolt, is proven to be much better than your standard surge protection device while also offering several other benefits for your home.  CleanVolt can withstand countless catastrophic overvoltage events while protecting all the electronics in your home, and it’s backed by its 25-year warranty.

CleanVolt installs on the side of your electrical panel, connecting to a standard two pole breaker.  Not only does CleanVolt protect your devices from power surges and outages, but it also “cleans up” the power being distributed in your home.  This can result in many benefits from equipment operating more efficiently, quieter, and extending the life of your devices and equipment.  CleanVolt can also take care of hotspots in your electrical panel, which over time wear down your breakers and wiring.  Due to this, most customers see some power savings on their monthly electric bill as an added bonus.  This helps to cover the initial cost of installing a CleanVolt in your home, while also saving you from costly repairs and replacement of equipment down the line.

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CleanVolt also offers products and solutions for much larger applications with varying electrical demands, such as farms and commercial buildings.  If you have been having any electrical issues in your home or business, or would like to protect all of the expensive equipment you have in your home, CleanVolt may be a simple solution for you.  Contact AquaTemp for more information on CleanVolt products or to inquire about having one installed in your home or business today.

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